Elon University Faculty Launch Their Campaign for a Union

MEDIA ADVISORY for November 29, 2018

The group will march to the president’s office to demand fair wages, benefits, opportunities for professional development, and continuity for their students. The faculty will call on the administration to respect their ability to form a union to gain and protect these rights.

ELON, NC – Tomorrow, non-tenure track faculty at Elon University will march to the university president’s office to call on the administration to work with faculty on addressing the low wages, inconsistent benefits and lack of inclusion in the campus community that faculty say limit their ability to provide a quality education for students. There, they will publicly launch their campaign to form a faculty union on campus.

WHAT: Elon faculty march to the president’s office as they launch their union campaign, calling for improvements in their working conditions and student learning conditions

WHO: Elon faculty, students and community supporters. Guest speaker MaryBe McMillan, President of the NC AFL-CIO

WHEN: Thursday, November 29, 9:50 am

WHERE: Phi Beta Kappa Commons (E Haggard Ave between N Antioch Ave and North O’Kelly Avenue on Elon’s campus

VISUALS: Faculty, students, and supporters with signs and puppets

BACKGROUND: Nearly half of Elon’s faculty is non-tenure track, meaning they have little to no job security. Elon faculty’s campaign for a union is part of a growing union movement of academics in the South and across the country. It comes just a year after non-tenure track faculty at Duke University won an average pay increase of 14% across departments, longer term contracts and assurances of course continuity. If successful, adjunct faculty will join their colleagues at Duke University along with more than 60 schools nationally, as part of the SEIU Faculty Forward movement.