Graduate Workers Are Uniting to Change Higher Education


  1. SEIU is a powerful, growing union.
  2. Uniting with the faculty union movement will supercharge our strength.
  3. SEIU is member driven, results oriented union.
  4. We want to build a wider movement for, environmental, racial and economic justice with the Fight for $15.
  5. SEIU members are winning dramatic improvements in their first contracts.


Our colleges and universities are breaking their promise to America by becoming a luxury for the wealthy instead of a pathway to the American Dream. Students spend their entire lives trying to pay off debt, yet too many professors are paid so little that they qualify for food stamps–all while top administrators pay themselves millions and politicians starve public colleges of funding. Graduate students should fight to restore the promise of higher education’s commitment to quality, accessible higher education that graduates students without debt, pays educators a living wage and generates more opportunities for all of our communities. Join Us.