Keep holding Corinthian College responsible

In June, Corinthian Colleges Inc., the owner of Heald College, was put on heightened financial oversight by the Dept. of Education and subsequently agreed to sell or close all of its campuses. Since the announcement of the sale, SEIU members, along with coalition partners, have advocated that the central concern for policy makers should be relief for students harmed by Corinthian Colleges’ practices.

Corinthian Colleges used aggressive and misleading tactics to enroll vulnerable students in overpriced programs that they were unlikely to complete, or were unlikely to be provided the skills necessary to succeed in their field. The actions of Corinthian led to investigation by 16 Attorney Generals, the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Attorney General Kamala Harris has been one of the few voices that has consistently sought relief for students harmed by Corinthian Colleges’ questionable practices. Today her principled stand has made her a target of protest by Heald College, a subsidiary of Corinthian. Heald College claims that the Attorney General is making “unreasonable demands” as part of the sale negotiations. SEIU higher education members do not believe that holding Corinthian Colleges accountable for the company’s past actions is an unreasonable demand. SEIU higher education members stand with Kamala Harris.

SEIU higher education members are committed to holding all for-profit colleges that harm students accountable.