Sanctuary on Campus: Creating Welcoming Campus Communities through Solidarity

Faculty Forward and iAmerica recently co-hosted a Facebook Live event in Orlando entitled “Sanctuary on Campus.” The town hall featured a conversation between a student DREAMer, an Iraqi refugee and supportive faculty and was attended by the broader campus community. It provided a space for dialogue and information-sharing on how faculty, students and community members can stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters to ensure every campus is a place where all can learn without fear.

Our current political climate is one that has sown divisions through the spread of misinformation, scapegoating immigrants and attacks on people based on their skin color. Long-standing members of our communities are forced to live with the constant fear that they will be separated from their families. Yet universities and communities across the country have boldly stood up to confront inhumane immigration policies and calls for increased enforcement of immigration laws by local law-enforcement.

This town hall built on Campus Resistance work launched last year and the success of a “3 Ways to Support Undocumented People on Your Campus” video Faculty Forward put together late last year on how campus communities can stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters, regardless of their status and ensure that everyone, regardless do creed, color or origin can feel safe on our campus.

Click here to watch the event and learn more about how students and faculty are standing together to make campuses safe for all people.