Last week, I packed my bags, drove to Cedar Rapids, IA and got on a flight to our country’s capitol. I was on my way to speak out against Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

Contact your elected officials today and urge them to vote against Judge Kavanaugh

As an adjunct professor at the University of Iowa, my colleagues face many of the same problems as other working people across the country – low pay, few benefits, little job security and no voice at work. We’ve been organizing for change, but radical anti-worker laws in Iowa and nationally have made it harder for us to form our union. Despite these attempts to hold us back, we’ve staged marches, sit-ins and as a result won major improvements on our campus.

Winning basic rights at work shouldn’t be this hard.

But if Judge Kavanaugh becomes a Supreme Court justice, I fear he’ll only make things harder for working people. Not only could he add more obstacles to forming our unions and standing together for change at work, but he is likely to curb women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and choose corporations over the rest of us, impeding future progress on issues like healthcare and eroding our hard-earned gains.

That’s why I joined with other SEIU members last week to make our voices heard, going as far as to quit one of my three jobs so that I would be able to make the trip—because this fight matters. Judge Kavanaugh is a product of the same forces that we as workers struggle against every day, and this threat should not be ignored.

In DC, I visited my Senators’ offices to make sure they knew where working people in our state stood. I’m asking you to contact your Senators and do the same.

We need an open-minded judge who will be fair to all of us, not just the rich few.

Will you join me in calling on your elected officials to vote no on Judge Kavanaugh? 



Gage Ledbetter

Adjunct, University of Iowa