Uniting to transform higher education

Since the ’80s, politicians have slashed funding for higher education. Desperate to keep the doors open, universities hired high-priced executive administrators who turned college into big business. They hiked tuition, cut tenure track positions and decreased faculty pay, all while pocketing handsome paychecks. The result is a rigged system where only a select few get access to a quality education and too many educators live in poverty.

That’s why faculty, graduate student workers, students and families are coming together for change. We’re demanding that in America everyone has access to education and that all educators receive fair pay and stable work. Already 57,000 faculty and graduate student workers on 60 campuses have joined the Faculty Forward movement and formed unions.

Together, we are fighting for:

  • Good Jobs for All Campus Employees: Across the country, adjuncts and graduate student workers are coming together to form unions and demand fair pay, better benefits and job stability, so they can focus on teaching instead of just scraping by.
  • Affordable, Accessible, Quality Higher Education for All: Families, students, faculty and our communities are uniting to demand that everyone in America has access to quality higher education. That means fighting for universal college, adequate funding and to make our campuses a place where everyone is welcome.

We know that issues like raising educators’ pay, increasing access to education, receiving adequate funding, holding bad for-profit schools accountable, addressing student debt, and ensuring our campuses are places where everyone is welcome are not school-by-school challenges. Instead, this is a national fight to fundamentally transform every aspect of our broken higher education system. Together, we’re making change.

Join the movement.