About that student debt

1.4 trillion: That’s how many dollars of student debt Americans are facing down.

And the problem is only growing. Can you sign this petition and tell Congress you support debt-free college for all?

Over the last decade, states drastically cut funding for universities. College tuition increased by a third. Financial assistance for students was slashed. Investment in instruction plummeted.

As an adjunct in Florida, I’ve seen my students and co-workers struggle with their student debt. Even 40 years old and greater, I have co-workers who feel frustrated and even a sense of “shame” to still be saddled with student loans they can hardly pay off with adjunct wages. Worse yet, too many of my students have literally been forced to choose between covering rent or paying for school.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead of cutting Pell Grants, unleashing debt collectors, dismantling public education and forcing faculty into low-paying, unreliable work, Congress should provide all students – past, present and future – with access to debt-free, quality higher education.

Sign the petition to call on your representatives to support debt-free college for all!

It’s time for our elected officials to invest in public education so that every hard-working person has access to quality higher education.