Adjunct Professors Deserve a Voice at Valencia College

Who We Are

As adjunct faculty at Valencia College, we love our students, our work, and our school. We believe in the promise of higher education and care about the quality of education and the environment in which our students learn. Valencia College has a unique responsibility to lead by example and provide a path to opportunity for all of our students.

Are you an adjunct at Valencia College who is ready to stand up and fight to have a voice on our campus? Then add your name here and join the movement.

Why We’re Joining Together

Uniting as Leaders for Change

Last weekend, nearly 100 adjunct faculty, student activists, community allies, and members of the broader SEIU family in FPSU, Local 1199, and the Fight for $15 came together to deepen their skills, forge new relationships and recommit to building a powerful movement to renew the promise of higher education. Check out a quick summary here!

Posted by Faculty Forward – Florida on Friday, January 18, 2019

Adjuncts at Valencia College make up the vast majority of faculty, with nearly 70% being both part-time and contingent. It is time we have a voice of our own on campus. Across the state, thousands of faculty members are coming together with SEIU FPSU Faculty Forward to fix our broken higher education system for faculty and students alike. We’re part of a statewide movement with our colleagues at Hillsborough Community College, Broward College, University of South Florida, Seminole State College, Miami Dade College, Lake-Sumter State College and St. Petersburg College who have already formed their unions.

With a union, adjunct faculty like us have a collective voice and a seat at the table to participate in the decision-making process that affects our working and teaching conditions.  

Instead of fighting against us, schools like Valencia College should be fighting alongside us for the funding our colleges need.

Did You Know?

  • In 2017, Valencia College spent $3,531 on instruction per full-time equivalent student – making it the third lowest spender on instruction in the Florida College System.
  • Number of courses one adjunct needs to teach a year…
    13 to support one person
    31 to support a family of 3
    62 to earn the average manager’s salary
  • When controlled for inflation, Valencia College adjunct professors’ pay per course has been essentially flat since 2010.

How You Can Join Us

We invite the Valencia College community to join us in fighting to address these issues by joining us in transforming SPC into the leader of Florida’s college system. We believe that together, we can make Valencia College a great institution for students and educators alike. 

Please support our fight for a union by signing our petition asking Valencia to respect adjuncts’ right to vote to form a union!