Community College Tenured Faculty Speak Out for the Future of Higher Ed

Thousands of tenured faculty members have formed unions at community colleges across the country, creating a strong voice for our students and the future of higher education. Here are a few of their stories.


“As a tenured professor at Norwalk Community College, I witness my union working to reclaim, reinvest and reinvigorate higher ed —reversing decades of underfunding, outsourcing, and silencing of faculty voices. We hope you will join us in SEIU and the movement that is taking on the crisis in higher education.” – Thomas Jackson, Norwalk Community College, Business Professor


“In Connecticut, over 90% of our students live and work in our state after graduating. Therefore, community colleges play a critical role in our communities and for our entire state — training and educating its future workforce. Our union is a way to advocate and win the resources our students need.’ – Lorraine Li, Gateway Community College, Economics Professor



“Our union contracts mean that shared governance is a living instrument for tenured and all faculty concerns. At Middlesex Community College, the union has been a strong voice for focusing university spending on teaching and holding our administration responsible for spending priorities. Tenured and adjunct faculty work together in our union to fight for our colleges, our students and our collective future.” – Steve Krevisky, Middlesex Community College, Math Professor



Join us to win for our students and our profession.