Faculty win big: Ithaca College, SEIU Local 200 agree to contract

Contingent faculty at Ithaca College celebrated the end of contract negotiations Monday after reaching a deal with the school that will significantly improve their quality of life. The agreement came just a day before a planned two-day contingent faculty strike, which has now been canceled. The faculty will announce soon the dates of a two-day ratification vote.

Highlights include immediate raises for part-time faculty and annual raises totaling $1,025 per three-credit course over the life of the contract, more stability for full-time contingent faculty, a grievance procedure and just-cause provision so no one will be fired wrongly, and access to professional development funding.

Full-time contingent faculty will be eligible for two-year appointments after three years of teaching at Ithaca and three-year appointments after five years of teaching at the college. SEIU Local 200 believes that because of their hard work the administration is committed to the concept of pay parity going forward.