National Adjunct Walkout Day Action Ideas

A Day Without Adjuncts: On February 25th, this powerful idea will become a reality as faculty across the country band together to demand fair wages and better working conditions. While some adjuncts will walk off the job, National Adjunct Walkout Day can also be marked with other powerful expressions of solidarity.

Here are some ideas for action. Many of them involve sharing on social media and we’d love to hear what you’ve come up with. Click here to tweet about what you’re doing for #NAWD and post to our Facebook as well.

  • Create a lesson plan on adjunct working conditions and the corporatization of higher education. Check out our resources.
  • Research your school to answer questions like: How many adjuncts does the school employ? How much does the president make? Create a fact sheet or share your findings on facebook and twitter. We have resources here.
  • Create a balance sheet that shows your adjunct salary and expenses and a deficit in red and share with students or post to facebook and twitter.
  • Hold public office hours or grade-ins in student union buildings, libraries, parking lots,  or hallways for example and tweet or post photos.
  • Calculate when you will pay off your debt on your current salary and create a visual with that date (a sign, a tweet, a facebook post).
  • Make a list of major life decisions that have been put off (having children, buying a house, vacation etc.) and share.
  • Create and share maps with geotagged photos of the numerous places you’ve worked that week/month including campuses, offices, home, coffee shop, car, etc. to highlight lack of office space and resources.
  • Want more creative ideas to mark #NAWD? Check out a list of organizations and ideas here.