Oregon public university staff win fair contract in 11th hour averting strike

After twenty-two hours of bargaining, early Saturday morning 4,500 Oregon public university workers with SEIU Local 503 reached a tentative agreement with university administrators on a new contract that covers wages, benefits, and other workplace policies. The agreement follows months of negotiations and worker actions, including a strike that was scheduled to begin today. It will cover employees at seven state universities that provide services like food preparation, grounds and building maintenance, custodial services, student registration and financial aid assistance and tech support.

“Classified workers are the backbone of Oregon’s universities,” said Rob Fullmer, bargaining team chair and IT specialist at Portland State University. “This contract acknowledges the incredible value that university workers bring to our students and to our campuses. When Oregon’s public employees work together and make their voices heard, we have the power to move Oregon families forward and make our state a better place.”

You can learn more about their fight, community support and win in the New RepublicGazette TimesKTVZOregon Public Broadcasting and from students and SEIU Local 503.


Oregon Higher Education Employees Win a Historic New Contract