SEIU President’s Statement on Outlawing Graduate Worker Union

The majority Trump-appointed National Labor Relations Board just issued a proposed rule change that would deny graduate workers their rights as employees and deny their right to a union. Graduate workers from campuses across the country have united, vowing to mobilize to flood the Board with comments on the rule and to take bold, direct action to ensure the rule does not move forward.

Below is a statement from Service Employees International Union President Mary Kay Henry on the proposal:
 “Again and again, the powerful have worked to rig the rules against working people. Today, President Trump’s Labor Board took a step toward stripping graduate workers of their right to a union. Working people — from gig workers to home care workers and child care providers — are tired of watching their rights whittled away or outright denied. It’s time every elected leader in this country join with us and fight to make it possible for all working people — Black, brown and white — to come together in a union.”