Statement on Supreme Court Nomination of Judge

Below is a statement from Michelle De Marco, a Faculty Forward member and adjunct professor in the English Department at Broward College in Florida, on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice.

As an adjunct professor, I’ve seen how affirmative action brings balance and justice in the face of tremendous racial disparities within our higher education system and our nation. The President’s divisive actions and rhetoric indicate his desired direction for the Supreme Court, but this doesn’t reflect the will of the people. We need Senators to support forward progress and vote no on Brett Kavanaugh if he refuses to commit to supporting opportunities for all of our communities. We must not move backward on civil rights, healthcare and women’s reproductive rights as a nation.

Judge Kavanaugh’s stance on affirmative action is a key issue for students and educators, especially in light of the pending Harvard University case designed to challenge affirmative action.