Broward College is the 3rd Florida campus to join our nationwide movement

Broward College Adjuncts File for Union Election

Non-tenure track, part-time faculty at Broward College announced that they filed for a union election to join the national Faculty Forward campaign to raise standards in higher education.
In 2015, 67 percent of the college faculty was part-time contingent and not one of the faculty new hires that year was on the tenure track.
Broward College contingent faculty continue to build support while taking an important step toward voting to join colleagues at Hillsborough Community College, who voted overwhelmingly to form a union last November, and adjuncts at the University of South Florida, who filed for a union election in April. Adjuncts at Duke University, the University of Chicago, Tufts, Georgetown and dozens of other universities have joined SEIU since 2013.
Filing for the election follows several years of organizing initiated by the South Florida Part Time Faculty Association, which reached out to the Faculty Forward campaign for support to strengthen their efforts.
Momentum is building across the country. Together, faculty from nearly 60 schools, coast to coast, are building support to form their union with SEIU, and creating a movement to address the crisis in higher education and the declining working standards that leave both students and faculty behind.

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