We will not be silenced, Loyola!

From refusing to reach a fair deal with its graduate workers to silencing student reporters and legitimate concerns on campus, it is clear that Loyola’s leadership has forgotten the core Jesuit values of social justice and caring for one another that helped build its reputation.

Over the last year, Loyola University Chicago has faced a series of high-profile crises on campus. Students, faculty, graduate workers and community members have raised serious questions about racial profiling incidents, sexual assaults, mental health issues, irresponsible investments and unrest among employees. The university has failed time-and-time again to address, or even to have an open and honest conversation about, any of these issues. Instead, it has sought to silence student reporters and keep staff from speaking out.

At the same time unrest is growing among graduate workers on campus. Not even a year after a faculty strike and student walkout over working conditions, tensions are mounting as the school again refuses to provide its employees with a fair contract and working conditions. Even though graduate workers – the masters and doctorate students who do much of the research, teaching and grading on campus for extremely low pay – officially won union recognition back in February of 2017, the school has refused to come to a fair agreement.

Loyola administration seems to have forgotten its values and moral compass built on Jesuit principles that have been the foundation of the university that we love. These secrets and attempts to silence dialogue hurt Loyola students, educators and our community. This is why graduate workers, undergraduates and community supporters are standing up to say “We will not be silenced, Loyola! Live your Jesuit values!” Click below for more information on a specific topic or sign our petition here.