Free College Now

Get on the Bus! July 26th – August 2nd

Adjunct professors, students, fast food workers with the Fight for $15 and community members are hitting the road to fight for #FreeCollegeNow! They’re touring around Florida by bus to organize voters to support:

  • Tuition-free college for all Floridians
  • Student loan debt forgiveness
  • $15/hr minimum and a union for all campus employees

Find Us on the Road

About the Tour

Going to college was once seen as the pathway to the middle class, but today higher education is quickly becoming a pipeline to poverty. To keep from paying their fair share, billionaires and CEOs have fought to defund public services from infrastructure to education. Siding with the wealthy few, politicians gutted funding for higher education.

As the state ranked dead last for funding of public services, perhaps nowhere more clearly embodies this problem than Florida. Tallahassee cut funding for higher education by more than 23 percent from a decade ago, forcing tuition up by 62 percent over the same period. The result is a rigged system where Floridians struggle with nearly $80 billion in student loan debt and adjunct professors are paid so little that many have to rely on government assistance.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and stand for change in higher education. That’s why Florida adjuncts invited colleagues from around the country to join them to help make change. Now, adjuncts from around the country, students and community members are touring Florida by bus on the #FreeCollegeNow Tour. Join the movement!

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